Date Nights

Eric and I have settled into married life and into quite the routine. Wake up. Go to work. Get home – Eric works out and I plan for day care or make supper. Eat supper. Sit around. Occasionally go to small group or watch a movie.

I think when you are first married, the routine isn’t that boring because it’s still fun to finally be living with your best friend and you’re discovering all of these fun little things about being married. Now we’ve only been married for three months, but I’m ready for some new, fun things to break our routine!

This is when I discovered This is a website where 11 women blog about fun dates they come up with for them and their husbands. I’ve already tried one of the dates (one I probably won’t blog about) but I thought it’d be fun to try a date a week (or every other week, cause we’ve started hanging out with our small group more often) and blog about it.

So I wanted to choose our next date night and plan it so later I can blog about how it went! Our date nights are Wednesdays, so we can break up the week and do something fun, so next Wednesday I’ll hopefully be able to write about our date.

Looking at the website while hungry was not a good idea because I was instantly drawn to this date:

So that’s what I’ll plan for this weekend and hopefully be able to report on it by next week!


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